Sunday, February 3, 2013

Versioning in a multi-app environment

I recently was published at IBM's developer works (see article) - woo hoo! But one thing I omitted was the matter of versioning.

Our floor is made up of many teams with many apps, some depending on the binaries of others. What makes our life harder is one team breaking another team's build when they change a library that is shared.

One conclusion we've drawn is never use Maven SNAPSHOTs. A build should always work or (if there is a genuine error) always fail. It should never be non-deterministic.

If shared code changes, other teams should be told in the daily stand-up that is attended by team representatives. Then, those dependent teams can change their versions in their sandbox and check it in when the code has been reconciled.

In short: if nothing has changed, builds should be absolutely predictable. 

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